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Lane Keller is an Author and Speaker engaged in bringing awareness to the wider public. She is Editor-in-Chief for UNC Media, the first international truth in news 24 / 7 streaming network, which works directly with the U.S. and other governments, sharing factual, unbiased, agenda-free programs from, and to, all areas of the globe.

Her entrepreneurial efforts cover a range of projects that break traditional molds, addressing critical issues while utilizing new and fair business paradigms. Raised in a holistic, spiritual, non-dogmatic household wherein yoga camps, natural health discussions and creativity were basic fare, her writing ranges from the exposing of deep state tactics, to spiritual empowerment, to Hollywood entrainment, to real history-based novels and plays, and more.

“Sometimes one’s left and right brains can come together to probe the depths of spiritual, physical, humanistic and social truths…
yet putting it to paper is the part people tend to underestimate.”  LK


Waking up in America

This book blurs the line between fiction and non-fiction. It will help you separate truth from the lies.

Sadie Timpson, a holistic therapist, is at a beach house with family members celebrating her daughter’s college graduation, when an argument erupts. The disagreement centers on whether it is best to remain happy and ignorant, or knowledgeable and prepared.

A Mother’s Guide to Wakening up in America is a wake-up call to all the world’s children and their parents and is to be used as a jumpstart to learning.

Tale of Running Bear: A Picture Book for Adult-MInded Young People

One-of-a-kind picture book arises from real-life animal communication, as Elaine J. Keller’s vivid words and imagery take the reader on a miraculous journey lead by the black bear named “Running Bear. ” We are never alone,” Running Bear explains, and in his world, anything is possible as long as you believe. As Running Bear reveals where bears really go when they hibernate, the doors to another universe open, one where love, belief and truth reign: “Every living being is a reflection of the pain or love we bestow on it,” Running Bear explains. Sadly, Running Bear’s compassionate world is also includes pain. For bears, like humans, suffer. Yet no act goes unnoticed, and love can bridge the gap between animals and humans. While you will want to share this joyful book with everyone you know, some of the material may not be suitable for the very youngest children. Yet all ages will benefit from Running Bear’s profound message. Open its pages and change your life forever.

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  • President Trump Halts Funding to the World Health Organization April 16, 2020
    President Trump shocked the world today by announcing that funds to the World Health Organization (WHO) are being halted, and an investigation is in place to decide whether the WHO can be reformed or not. The post President Trump Halts Funding to the World Health Organization appeared first on Speak Project | We the Sovereign […]
    Sandra Efraimson
  • WHY DID TRUMP REALLY LEAVE #WHO? Ten Reasons Mainstreamers will Deny April 15, 2020
    What no one in the mainstream media or on the public stage will tell you, is that WHO – like WTO, the UN, NATO, the IMF and the WB – is a key piece in dismantling the deep state globalist cabal. Here are ten reasons why Trump’s defunding of WHO is a very good thing. […]
    Lane Keller

RSS Lane Keller | Speak Project | We the Sovereign People of Planet Earth

  • THE COVFEFE CODE: Why so many in Hollywood are Afflicted & How it Relates to Coronavirus April 4, 2020
    ADRENOCHROME, CORONAVIRUS AND THE TRUE MEANING OF COVFEFE In May 2017 President Trump used the word “covfefe” in a tweet, which many took to be a misspelling of “coffee” and it sparked a firestorm of speculation and ridicule. Since then various theories have been attributed to the word, none of which have proven correct– until […]
    Lane Keller
  • Pedogate: The Child-Trafficking Blackmail System April 3, 2020
    Because this topic is so extensive and so many researchers have already laid the groundwork, this post acts as one of a series that is designed to help you connect the dots and bring you to the present state of affairs in a succinct and accurate fashion, without leading you down too many emotionally taxing […]
    Lane Keller

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Down the Rabbit Hole in 2 Minutes

Here on these channels my long-term research, skepticism of authoritarian systems, and distaste for hypocrisy and self-serving agenda, come together in the pursuit of what we all on some level seek:  liberty, personal sovreignty, and authentic truth.

My goal is to share information in simple, concise, and weighty form. I attempt to do this without aggrandizement, undue explanation or mystification.

Just like all paths to God eventually meet, there is no one way to truth. The key is developing our heart, mind and higher intuition in conjunction with increasing levels of discernment. How does this process begin?



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