Hollyweird Files: Jim Carrey Exposed

This post first appeared on Speak Project. Why is the Hollywood sycophant crowd behaving like a rabid imbeciles on crack? What do they have to hide and who is pulling their strings? Note to all would-be-still-famous or irrelevant Hollywood anti-Trumpers: mess with the take-down of the deep state and risk being targeted by the freedom-loving SPOTLIGHT OF TRUTH. As more info seeps into the mainstream the connections we make here will magnify. Here are a few dot-connectors for posterity’s sake. Please note that this is conjecture based on research and while we try to use our highest discernment neither the … Continue reading

Murder – Suicide Timeline, June 2 – 9

This week some heroes and some black hats have succumbed. Who is a white hat and who is a black hat is not always apparent, however. What if a politician is 90 years old when he dies from recently-diagnosed cancer — is this death “natural” or a message?What if the body of a performer connected to a known international trafficking syndicate has been suddenly found in his own home after being missing for a year?What if a respected newscaster from a corrupt Florida county allegedly had genetic dementia and suddenly decided to end it all?What if deceased police officials were … Continue reading