In the scramble for authentic truth, just how far should we go in the suspension of disbelief?

Even more importantly—

Where is the trail leading us?

We are the midst of a war on and for our PERCEPTION. As alternative “news sources” vie for attention and we choose what to follow, much of the information we come across calls for us to consider it possibly true until proven otherwise.

Here is a reality check on where things stand in the alternative sector, for believers and disbelievers alike.

The Cabal a/k/a The Swamp

According to multiple unnamed sources the cabal is in the death throttle, the globalist capitalist mob struggling for its last breath as Trump wields his sword behind scenes, the MSM obscuring all actions that threaten their existence as the propaganda arm of the (leftist) deep state.

With the cabal’s money stores cut off and their authority dwindling, the last bastion of war has become the field of public perception, distorting information delivery to an ever-heightening degree in favor of increasing control, submission and blindness — with the end goal the eradication of humanity.

Can we hear a “Baaaad elitists, stop that now!”

Lest you think this is a partisan report, the possibility exists that Trump works for his own cabal which has had enough of this one and is kicking their enemy out the door. Does he work for Israel which s NOT getting 5G, while we continue to be wired up for AI?

Awake yet?

The Media

The mainstream media: CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, and  Fox remain the major mouthpieces of those who still attempt to hold us in their sway, where even the “educated” continue to obtain their so-called news, looking like cats who swallowed orange canaries whenever the term “impeachment” is mentioned.

Do these dogmatically indoctrinated types realize that the tweets and flubs they so love to ridicule are actually coded progress reports keeping us abreast of the battle?  

The Black Nobility                       

According to our sources, which may or may not include sungazers, 8chan forums, Pleiadean pundits, and Q decoders, the Vatican has been stormed. Their files have been rifled and audited, and the library saved. The pedo-loving prop in red shoes is on his spindly last legs, as is the entire structure of religion with it’s parasitical fear-based system of compliance.

 But is this to jolt us not  into awakening, but into one world religion and government?

Middle East

The stargates in Syria and Iraq have been closed to time travelers and the wars there mostly curtailed.

 But have the wars even lessened? On last check it wasn’t just oil in them thar fields, or even perpetual war for perpetual commerce, but rather an entrance into another dimension, and an escape hatch for the pedo- cabal.

Quantum Financial System

On the financial front, Kim G. a/k/a “Kim Possible,” holds the world’s purse strings in her altruistic hands and is currently waiting for someone, anyone, in the banks to stop believing in the Dragon/Rothschild fairy tale and push the darn “Go” button.

Is QFS truly a system of planetary freedom, and are they accurate in saying there will not be an RV?

The Indictments

So-and-so has been arrested; so-and-so has been seen eating Twizzlers at a basketball game…It appears earth is just one helleva kabuki arena wherein a play within a play within a play is rolling out before our disturbed, weary eyes.

Try as we might to distance ourselves from the distraction there it remains.  But what are we being distracted from, and where should we focus our attention? Hot popcorn butter burns our lips as we avidly await prison ships and transported arrestees.

The Separation Illusion

In Libland, the bulge-eyed socialist would-be feminist dictator gathers a foothold in immigrant-rife NYC, while California has again gone off the rails under the latest Governor Moonbeam, as the crazed chorus bots to his right, left and middle: Dianne, Nancy and Maxy, steal, plunder, lie, betray, stammer, mispronounce and attempt to assassinate their way through that body-riddled field of perception (just ask Michael Hastings about it).

In a truly portentous move New York, followed by a contingency of states, has legalized MURDER, a/k/a late term abortions and infanticide during birth. It’s as if Satan himself his descended and taken hold of all cognition and morality.

On the other front, worshipers thank ANGEL POTUS for arriving from heaven, having walked into the body once inhabited by a sex-mad, power-crazed, big-building-loving real estate mogul.

Is it possible that there is no salvation to be found other than by by getting out of here? Isn’t that what they want? Stopping 5G is a good start. Kicking out the liars, traitors and thieves in DC—in other words, everybody– is another good step.

Media Censorship

On the fake real alternative news front, naysayers and truthtellers (especially the funny ones) have been duly machete-ed off social media, while black-masked Antifa-ists and pink Velcroed vagina lips storm the streets, leaving Catholic schoolchildren and Native American would-be vets stumbling as their lives are cleaved open for the world to misconstrue.

Actors hiring attackers to smear those with opposing viewpoints in the fight for “truth and justice” should take a lesson from fake rape victim Tawana Brawley, who bathed herself in feces for added realism before fading into a punchline, and leaving us with the carping fishwife-y race-baiter known as Al Sharpton.

Political-Correctness Wars

As genderists and pundits battle out pronouns, others protest the Orange-One’s uncaring methods of dealing with (druglord) families, their kind relatives (M13), and their (sex-trafficked) children, while still others pretended to care about the unpaid government workers when the partial shutdown hit 35 days. Some remain gobsmacked over the use of the “P” word thirty-odd years ago—yes, the one that sometimes means “cat,” and which was surreptitiously recorded by other bantering, potty-mouthed, sexist men, undoubtedly for a bucketload of cash.

 If indeed you care about sexism and “treatment of women” in the presidential office, I beg you to go back to the beginning of time and understand how every single ruler including virtually all of our presidents had affairs with not just women but men and/or their slaves, and who have never been what they seemed on the surface. Dig deeper, and find collusions, betrayals, proponents of wars, contributors to false flags, and commitment to usurious money systems. Do you really give a hoot about the word “pussy????”

The answer isn’t to arbitrarily dismiss someone for their stupid comments, but to have a social dialogue that does not include attention seeking self-proclaimed activists named A. Milano. 

Globalist Wrap-Up

At over 100,000 indictments and counting, Gitmo has been redecorated, our UN involvement going the way of the stegosaurus, and the eradication of IRS and the Fed a real possibility.

Are these strategic moves on the multi-levelled Trumpian chess board, or carrots dangling just beyond our fevered desires? If so, we want to know who’s keeping score and we DEMAND TO SEE SOME PROOF.

Double Agents

Now that “truthtellers” like Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones have been revealed as Mossad agents, Snowden labelled  a double agent and Hollywood exposed as a flock of satan-signalling sycophants, still others focus on that ever-elusive goal of finding out: what in hell REALLY happened today??

And that most confounding question:


Qanon and Other Spokespeople

Has another move on Trumps’ part been laid out by Q? Is EyetheSpy true or is he unReal? Is Q a he or a she or a fleet? Is JFK Jr. really Q? Where is Julian Assange, and just as importantly, is his cat okay?  While we’re at it, what’s the point of this diatribe and just how many unanswered Questions can one writer stick into a single blog post?

And that, my friends is an update to help fight the war on our perception. Hopefully you have been equipped with some tools in order to win this battle.

But not all is bad, and in fact there is quite a lot of positive to be found in this situation. 


What exactly is Brainwashing?

Do you want to gently red-pill loved ones?

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