You may have noticed the increasing censorship controls on sites like Google YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and anything owned by Microsoft, such as Bing.

That is because truthful information found its voice on the internet and too many paid attention.

Now there is a concerted effort to bring what some call “truthers” down, and to silence the awakening movement. This censorship extends to those who support conscious and healthful living, MAGA supporters, patriots, and anyone speaking out about government hypocrisy, Monsanto, vaccines, GMO’s, illegal immigration, global imperialism and so on.

While there are still some outlets for truth, the larger sites have shut down many of the biggest names in the field. This is part of the reason a race is on to awaken the public as quickly as possible, not simply for the good of mankind and the planet, but because if the current trend continues very few avenues will be left for those who seek unadulterated, uncensored, and uncorrupted sources of information.

So, what do we do about this? The very best thing to do is to develop multilevel discernment, and fast.

By “multilevel” I mean developing discernment that operations on different levels via a variety of avenues.

Here are five simple rules to begin the process: 

  1. Hold No Sacred Cows
  2. Be Open to to Implausible Possibilities
  3. Create Head, Heart & Spirit Symbiosis
  4. Be Honest about Groupthink
  5. Understand that Nothing is as it Seems

Hold No Sacred Cows

Let’s start with the first rule, Hold no sacred cows.

In writing, there is a term called, “kill your sacred cows.” In this case, sacred cow refers to that bit of writing to which you are overly attached due to its extreme beauty and creativity.

“Wow, won’t everyone just love this!” you exclaim to yourself upon finishing a particularly eloquent passage.

Trouble is, your editor says that your piece of writing stinks. Or more succinctly, she says it is “overwrought,” “self-conscious,” and UHHMM, unbearable.

“You don’t understand it!” you argue, and put your foot down, threatening, “I won’t publish without it.”  (Like this would ever happen in the real world.)

Hence the book goes out unedited and the public gets duly turned off to your fatuousness. You lose your readership and any subsequent book contracts. You should have listened to your editor and killed that sacred cow while you had the chance!

You can see the sacred cows clearly in celebrated writers whose editors are obviously afraid to correct their work. The true writer wants his words to be elegant, but also to be understood and relatable. To turn your audience off is the worst thing that can happen. Hence you must have no sacred cows—ever!

In holding no sacred cows as part of the process of discernment, sacred cow in this case pertains to your belief system. Everything you hold as truth must be taken apart, examined, and dismantled. Yes, this is a process, and it is not as easy as snapping your fingers. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a deep commitment and desire to increase your consciousness.

The key here is awareness, awareness in understanding that you do have belief systems.

Identifying them comes next. What are these belief systems or constructs?

Then most importantly, which are “constructs” you arbitrarily believe?

Do you believe that all repentant Christians are automatically on the path to God, for instance? That rabbis, imams or priests are God’s earthly spokespeople? That your political party is best and all who don’t follow it are going straight to hell?

Not all sacred cows are religious or political in nature, and extend to all avenues of life. The key is to become aware of these constructs, and to begin examining them.

Do ou believe that our educational institutions are good? That any of them are good?

Do you believe that income tax is essential?

Do you think GMO’s are probably fine?

I could go on. If you can isolate and attack each one of your sacred cows, then examine them for evidence, you are on the right path.

On to Evidence

Where did you first hear this “fact,” that the government works for our good, for instance? Were you born into it and so accept it as the norm? Did your pastor tell you? Did you read it in a book created by man? Did you hear it on television? Did everyone else just kind-of think it, and so you accepted it as truth?

Is it “truth” because your family or community believes it? Your community could extend to your workplace, neighborhood, or just to people who think, talk and walk like you.

This kind of blithe acceptance is what George Orwell called groupthink. It’s the hive mind. It’s why people don pink vagina costumes and scream at random men because they’ve created your victimhood. It means you’ve got to examine the constructs in which you believe. Because to believe something arbitrarily means you’re part of the matrix, and that you are not thinking for yourself or using cognitive thought.

Be Open to Implausible Possibilities

Being open to implausibilities means to hold all potential answers, outcomes, or reasons, as true until proven otherwise. Not true, necessarily, but to hold them as possible. This means don’t automatically dismiss an idea because it is coming from a person you don’t like, a source you don’t recognize, or– horrors– from someone you have labelled “radical,” “stupid,” or just too “out there” to consider.

Let me remind you that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA in the 1950’s as a means of sidelining those awakening to their illicit programs, which included using people as assassins and inserting things into their bodies without their knowledge, and so on.

Anyway, being open to all possibilities at once is not as hard as it seems. It simply means that when coming a cross a new or uncomfortable idea, hold onto it as possible until some kind of proof comes your way. In this instance proof means reliable indicators.

To rephrase, hold onto the idea until indicators that you regard as plausible cause you to either reject the idea or retain it for further consideration.

I’ll give you an example of one of my own implausible possibilities. When I first heard of flat earth I was as skeptical as the next person. One source I’d placed on the “maybe I trust some of his info” list, kept going on about flat earth. At the time I was hearing about flat earth from various sources. A respected intuitive counselor I know insisted the concept was a “distraction,” and palpably false. This didn’t dissuade me, as even respectable intuitives can have their lines of communication crossed.

In listening to the arguments, flat earth became a theory I held onto and could not 100% dismiss. Of course, flat earthers are considered to be part of the most lunatic fringe of an already lunatic fringe—a situation which also failed to dissuade me. Instead, it piqued my interest. When something is uniformly dissed by the “authority” crowd it warrants close examination in my opinion. It is like waving a red cape that says “investigate me!” This red cape almost always proves to be hiding something important.

So flat earth couldn’t be dismissed and remained within my realm of possibilities. Have I come to a hard and fast conclusion about this yet? No. I will say that the evidence on this emerging front is intriguing. I have seen nothing that sways me fully one direction or the other. Flat earth remains under consideration, its implausibility level fluctuating with the evidence that comes my way.

Frankly, holding your mind open to all potential truths is a skill. It takes ridding yourself of those false constructs (i.e. the sacred cow beliefs addressed in Rule # 1 ) and approaching each tidbit of new information with an open mind. It means raising your sensors to clues and indicators. Is the subject being arbitrarily dismissed by a certain crowd—? If so, it’s a clue.

Is there a plausible argument in its favor–? Clue.

Is it being sidelined and hidden by sites such as Google? Big clue.

Is it being made fun of on nighttime TV? Clue, and so on.

The best evidence will come once you’ve accepted the idea as a possibility. An open mind invites a stream of information as if by magic. On the other hand, if you’ve arbitrarily dismissed an idea you’ll receive no evidence in support of the concept because you have disallowed it from the start. You will continue on as a skeptic or 3D thinker, the path to multilevel discernment somehow out of reach.

Instead, the path to multilevel discernment is all encompassing and to get there you must consider the implausibilities.

Create Symbiosis between Head, Heart and Spirit

True discernment takes finding your own unique balance between intellect, feeling, and intuition, or said another way, between head, heart, and spirit. A large part of the population are left brain thinkers. Many of our lawyers, architects, engineers and so on, rely heavily on this aspect of their brain. Sometimes this is done in a disproportionate manner. I know I’ve been guilty of this.

Left brain is the analytic side. It is the intellect which says: there is no space ship in that photo because the hypotenuse to the sun is 1/3 the diameter of the inverse proportional to the sin wave arc. Gibberish, I know, but you get the picture. There is nothing wrong with linear, logical of thinking. It is a vital aspect of discernment. It can be a stepping stone to highly intuitive thinking. But most of us are not there yet and so we often fall back on left brain, analytical thinking.

Now comes the heart.  For some of us this takes hard work. Listening to the heart as much or more than the head does not always come naturally. Western society has made us left brain dominant, which is also considered a male characteristic. Right brain, or the creative, emotional, feeling side, is typically thought of us a feminine characteristic. Do not get me wrong, here. We are each a mixture of both these halves. It is said that the most evolved people retain both gender characteristics while remaining true to their genetic gender. But I am treading on uneasy topics here, as gender has become a highly-charged political weapon.

Suffice to say, that the right side, the heart side is the feeling, emotive, artistic side. We do things because they feel right. For the analytical types, paying attention to this side takes getting used to. Practice putting your brain to rest by continually asking yourself: how do I feel about it? Logic is only partially useful. You must learn to feel equally, or even more strongly than logic. I know quite a few people, male and female, who have mastered this art. All it takes is awareness and diligence. For every thought that comes up ask yourself: am I thinking this or feeling it?

The answers will come, and eventually you will learn to recognize when your heart is speaking. Then all you have to do is allow it equal voice with your intellect.

Heart-based thinkers tend to dream big, to resonate strongly with people or ideas for no apparent reason, and to get emotional over things like injustice and the suffering of others. This can go too far to the other end of the spectrum. Pitfalls are over-emotionality that gets in the way of action and overriding logical “truths” because of the way you feel. Balance is called for, always. The key is to not rely too heavily on the heart but to balance it with intellect in every moment of your being, and vice versa.

Now we come to intuition, or spirit. This is knowing without relying on head or heart. Yet head and heart are what often gets us there.

Where does intuition fit into our balanced discernment? If we had to place it on a scale, it would be situated closer to heart than head, or closer to the right brain than the left. However, it is the true next step following balanced head and heart thinking. Some people are born with high-level intuition or psychic ability. Others develop it over the course of their lifetime or lifetimes. Still others ignore it and deny that it factors into their being. The more you use right and left balanced feeling, the more you move into intuition. It is a natural process.

Contrary to popular thinking, emotion doesn’t enter into intuitive thinking, and in fact it takes hard work on the part of intuitives to leave their head and hearts out of it. Let’s say you are a professional psychic for a moment. Not a fly-by-night type, but the genuine article who helps people and facilitates their advancement. Maybe they lessen bereavement by connecting with departed loved ones.

Imagine a mother comes in who wants to connect with her son who died three months previously and asks you to connect with him.

What would happen if you let emotion into your reading? It would color your sense according to your desire. You would want so desperately to conjure up this woman’s son that you might imagine seeing something that wasn’t truly there.

The same goes for intellect. The woman told you her son died three months ago, but the entity coming to you said he’d passed a decade ago. How could this be her son? It’s because it was a child who died in the womb whom she hadn’t told you about. If your head had gotten into the way it would have told you this couldn’t be her son.

It’s a simplistic example, but I hope it got the point across. Head has no place in intuition, and strangely, neither does heart. Instead, it is an entirely new muscle that develops out of balance between the other two as a natural course of action, in which the other two gradually dissipate as intuition takes over. Left to its own devices intuition will encompass head and heart and eventually, connect us not just with multilevel discernment, but with the divine.

Be Honest about Groupthink

The truth is that we humans we like to be part of communities, even if we’re loners. I’m not saying that we don’t want to be unique individuals within groups, but even the iconoclasts among us relish some sort of belonging. This may be belonging to our genetic or adopted family, our community, a club of some sort, a political party, an un-political party, or just a group of individuals who like to do the same sorts of things that we enjoy.

Think about your groups and the ideas that belong to them. Chess club? Love to pay those mind games that lesser minded individuals cant follow. Liberals? Trump is a racist pig! Italians? Have to eat spaghetti at Grandma’s after church. The political unparty? All separatists are idiots. Conservatives? Trump is our badass savior. And so on.

Yes, these are wild generalizations, and I mean no harm by them. But they indicate a mindset. Each mindset comes with a set of sub-beliefs, or groupthink, whether you want to admit it or not.

Be honest with yourself. Is there anything you do, think or say because your group in some way demands it? If I let on to my social circle, for instance that I don’t like Jim Carrey because he is yet another Hollywood sycophant or that I don’t believe in voting in an illicit political system, would I be in some way looked down upon or ousted from the group?  If they were Jim Carrey-aholics, I would.  If they believed wholeheartedly that its your constitutional and moral obligation to vote, your statement would cause quite an argument and you most probably would not be invited back to the next outing.

What if I told my college friends that I thought people who didn’t attend universities were smarter than those who are allegedly “educated” or that I thought education was a sham built on rich men’s lies? It would certainly change the way people perceived me.

What if I told my liberal friends that Trump wasn’t so bad, or my conservative friends that Trump had feet of clay? Do you see what would happen?

All thoughts and assumptions have to be examined as they come up as to whether or not we accept and abide by them because they keep us in, or expel us from, a certain group. This may seem like a very small infraction on our part, but left unchecked it becomes a dangerous part of groupthink, and develops into cult like behavior. What happens when the hive mind goes unchecked? Mob rule. This is anarchy at worst, and wildly irrational at best.

So, all you independent, and not so-independent thinkers out there, what groups do you belong to or affiliate with? With which groups do you align your way of thinking?  Because to hold an opinion, thought, or action that is based on your exclusion or inclusion from any group is not using your balanced head and heart and will keep you away from multilevel discernment. Instead, examine your concepts and toss them out when part of groupthink.


We know illusion by its many names: the matrix, a hologram, the veil, the curtain, Neverland, through the looking glass, 3D, 3rd dimension…

Truth is, if there is a truth, the one thing I can say with absolute positivity is that we are living an illusion. Everything that has been created for us– every single construct– is false. How do I know this? Let me answer a question with a question.

When it comes down to it, what are the things that you can say with absolute certainty, are real? That they unequivocally exist, I mean, and which no one or thing can change, erase, or deny? They may try to repudiate them, but we know with absolute certainty that they are real, and that they are indestructible?

I’ll give you a hint. The list is very short.

Here’s another hint about  the first one, and perhaps the only one, as well.

When all is taken away: family, money, friends, social groups, clubs, religious beliefs, your imam, priest or rabbi, the “love of your life,” your spouse, your marriage, your house, your car, your elected representatives, your beliefs, the school, the stuff you were taught, your alleged “history…”

What is the one thing that is left and which can be NEVER taken away?                              

Unconditional love.

Unconditional love for yourself, your children, family, friends, even your ex, and for humanity in all its colors and variations.

What’s the next thing? For me, but not for everyone, it is the Universal Creator and power for good. God, if you will, or Source.

Good will triumph over evil. To me it is an incontrovertible fact and just is, the same as there being a single Creator Source. Whether it be a He, She, They, or Them, it is, and always will be. But this one is less provable than unconditional love, and comes to me through heart-head balanced intuition, or multilevel discernment. As far as I can tell it is not part of groupthink or wishful thinking.

So, back to the illusion. Everything else is false. Yes, that’s right, it’s all part of a construct, to use David Icke’s term. Call it a hologram if you’d like, or the matrix. It is a multi-leveled and highly sophisticated ongoing theatrical event constructed to keep us in a place of stilted apathy, spectators anchored to our low-vibration jobs and enslavement to the dollar, anchored to schools which teach our children false history and how not to think, and to our belief that getting our children into the right schools will somehow help them advance out of this condition. That too is false, because what good is individual advancement if others around us are suffering? Or if the planet and its creatures are suffering?

A person alone can not advance without the whole. That is the other truth.


Honing Your BS Meter Pt. I

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